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             All are approximately 9 in. x 12 in. unless noted otherwise. Listing is by year of publication: 


1918 - I'M ALWAYS CHASING RAINBOWS.  Cover: Betty Grable & John Payne; poster for the movie "The Dolly

                                                                                   Sisters" ; (1918 is only date shown)

1929 - IF YOU WERE THE ONLY GIRL.  Cover: Perry Como; (1929 is only date shown)

1931 - LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND.  Cover: art design; (1931 is only date shown)

1933 - IT ISN'T Fair.  Cover: Sammy Kaye; (1933 is only date shown)

1939 - BLESS YOU.  Cover: Eddy Howard

1940 - BLUEBERRY HILL.  Cover: art design

1941 - HE WEARS A PAIR OF SILVER WINGS.  Cover: Kay Kyser

          - THERE, I'VE SAID IT AGAIN.  Cover: art design

1942 - DAYBREAK.  Cover: Tommy Dorsey

          - ONE DOZEN ROSES.  Cover: art design

          - THE SONG OF THE SEABEES.  Cover: art design 

          - WAIT FOR ME MARY.  Cover: art design

1943 - FOR THE FIRST TIME (I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE).  Cover: Guy Lombardo

          - OKLAHOMA.  Cover: art design; from the musical play "Oklahoma"

          - SUNDAY, MONDAY, OR ALWAYS.  Cover: Bing Crosby & Dorothy Lamour; poster for the movie "Dixie" 

          - THEY'RE EITHER TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD.  Cover: 12 famous people; from the movie "Thank Your

                                                                                                       Lucky Stars" 

          - VICT'RY POLKA.  Cover: art design

1944 - PLEASE DON'T SAY "NO".  Cover: Esther Williams, Van Johnson, Tommy Dorsey & Lauritz Melchoir;

                                                                  poster for the movie "Thrill Of A Romance"

1945 - AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU'RE YOU.  Cover: Bing Crosby; poster for the movie "The Bells of St. Mary's"

          - CHICKERY CHICK.  Cover: art design

          - GOTTA BE THIS OR THAT.  Cover: Benny Goodman

          - I CAN'T BEGIN TO TELL YOU.  Cover: Betty Grable & John Payne; poster for the movie "The Dolly Sisters"

          - IF I LOVED YOU.  Cover: art design; from the musical "Carousel"

          - I'LL BE WALKIN' WITH MY HONEY (SOON, SOON, SOON).  Cover: art design

          - I WISH I KNEW.  Cover: Betty Grable & Dick Haymes; poster for the movie "Diamond Horseshoe"

          - OH! WHAT IT SEEMED TO BE.  Cover: Frankie Carle

          - OH WHY, OH WHY, DID I EVER LEAVE WYOMING.  Cover: art design of Jerry Colonna

          - SYMPHONY.  Cover: Johnny Desmond

          - THERE MUST BE A WAY.  Cover: Charlie Spivak

          - UNTIL.  Cover: Jack Fulton

1946 - ANNIVERSARY SONG.  Cover: poster for the movie "The Jolson Story"

           - THE GYPSY.  Cover: art design

          - LINDA.  Cover: Jack Owens

          - SHOO-FLY PIE AND APPLE PAN DOWDY.  Cover: art design 

          - SOUTH AMERICA, TAKE IT AWAY.  Cover: art design; from the musical revue "Call Me Mister"

1947 - AN APPLE BLOSSOM WEDDING.  Cover: Eddy Howard

          - SERENADE OF THE BELLS.  Cover: art design

1948 - BLUE SHADOWS ON THE TRAIL.  Cover: art design; from the Walt Disney musical "Melody Time"

          - HERE I'LL STAY.  Cover: art design; from the musical "Love Life"


          - NATURE BOY.  Cover: Eden Ahbez

          - ON A SLOW BOAT TO CHINA.  Cover: art design

1949 - WEDDIN' DAY.  Cover: Jack Kilty 

1950 - A BUSHEL AND A PECK.  Cover: art design; from the musical "Guys and Dolls"

          - AUTUMN LEAVES.  Cover: Roger Williams

          - THE BANANA BOAT SONG.  Cover: The Tarriers

          - HOLD MY HAND.  Cover: artwork of Dick Powell & Debbie Reynolds; from the movie "Susan Slept Here"

          - A MARSHMALLOW WORLD.  Cover: Arthur Godfrey

          - ORANGE COLORED SKY.  Cover: art design

          - WITH THESE HANDS.  Cover: Eddie Fisher

1951 - CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE.  Cover: Jane Russell; poster for the movie "Underwater"

          - WHO'S SORRY NOW?  Cover: Connie Francis

1952 - HERE IN MY HEART.  Cover: art design

          - IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE.  Cover: Somethin' Smith and the Redheads

          - MY BABY'S COMIN' HOME.  Cover: Les Paul & Mary Ford 

          - MY LOVE, MY LOVE.  Cover: Joni James

          - OH, HAPPY DAY.  Cover: Don Howard

          - OUTSIDE OF HEAVEN.  Cover: Eddie Fisher

          - WISHING RING.  Cover: Joni James

1953 - IN THE MISSION OF ST. AUGUSTINE.  Cover: Sammy Kaye

          - I SEE THE MOON.  Cover: The Mariners

          - (LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER) I'M WALKING BEHIND YOU.  Cover: art design

          - "O" (OH!).  Cover: Pee Wee Hunt

          - OPEN YOUR HEART.  Cover: The Lancers

          - RAGS TO RICHES.  Cover: Tony Bennett

          - RUBY.  Cover: Jennifer Jones; poster for the movie "Ruby Gentry" 

          - SECRET LOVE.  Cover: Doris Day & Howard Keel; poster for the movie "Calamity Jane" 

          - THE SONG FROM MOULIN ROUGE (WHERE IS YOUR HEART).  Cover: poster for the movie "Moulin


          - YOU YOU YOU.  Cover: art design

1954 - HERE.  Cover: Tony Martin & Cyd Charisse

           - HEY THERE.  Cover: art design; from the musical comedy "The Pajama Game" (2 available)

           - HONEY-BABE.  Cover: poster for the movie "Battle Cry"

           - LET ME GO, LOVER!  Cover: Joan Weber

           - THE LITTLE SHOEMAKER.  Cover: art design

           - MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE.  Cover: Sarah Vaughn

           - MELODY OF LOVE.  Cover: art design

           - SH-BOOM (LIFE COULD BE A DREAM).  Cover: The Crew Cuts

           - SINGING THE BLUES.  Cover: Guy Mitchell


           - TEACH ME TONIGHT. Cover: art design (2 available)

           - TWEEDLEE DEE.  Cover: Georgia Gibbs

           - WANTED.  Cover: Perry Como

1955  - LEARNIN' THE BLUES.  Cover: Frank Sinatra

           - THE LONGEST WALK.  Cover: Jaye P. Morgan

           - MOMENTS TO REMEMBER.  Cover: The Four Lads

           - PLAY ME HEARTS AND FLOWERS.  Cover: Johnny Desmond

           - A SATISFIED MIND.  Cover: Porter Wagoner

           - SUDDENLY THERE'S A VALLEY.  Cover: Gogi Grant 

           - WAKE THE TOWN AND TELL THE PEOPLE.  Cover: Mindy Carson 

           - THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS.  Cover: art design

1956 - HOT DIGGITY (DOG ZIGGITY BOOM).  Cover: Perry Como

          - IT'S NOT FOR ME TO SAY.  Cover: Johnny Mathis

          - MAMA FROM THE TRAIN (A KISS, A KISS). Cover: Patti Page

          - MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY.  Cover: Ethel Merman; from the musical "Happy Hunting"

          - OLD CAPE COD.  Cover: Patti Page

          - PICNIC (THEME FROM PICNIC). Cover: artwork of William Holden & Kim Kovak; poster for the movie


          - YOUNG LOVE.  Cover: Sonny James

1957 - DARK MOON.  Cover: Bonnie Guitar

           - IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ISLAND.  Cover: Tony Bennett

           - MY SPECIAL ANGEL.  Cover: Bobby Helms

           - TILL.  Cover: Percy Faith

           - WHY BABY WHY?  Cover: Pat Boone

1958 - IF DREAMS CAME TRUE.  Cover: Pat Boone

1963 - BLUE VELVET.  Cover: Bobby Vinton

          - MORE (THEME FROM MONDO CANE).  Cover: Kai Winding

1965 - LARA'S THEME FROM "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO".  Cover: Omar Sharif, Geraldine Chaplin & Julie Christie;

                                                                                                   poster for the movie "Doctor Zhivago"

1969 - RAINDROPS KEEP FALLIN' ON MY HEAD.  Cover: art design; (8.5 in x 11 in.)