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             All are approximately 9 in. x 12 in. unless noted otherwise. Listing is by year of publication:      


1931 - Strangers. (Standard Edition). Words: O’Flynn. Music: Coots. Cover: Artwork arrangement.

                                    Bourne, Inc. Music Publishers. (1931 is only date shown). Good.                                   $12.00


1937 - So Rare. Words: Sharpe. Music: Herst. Cover: Large inset of Jimmy Dorsey. Robbins Music

                                 Corp. “Sasso” written on cover. (1937 is only date shown). Good.                                        $8.00


1941 - Angels Of Mercy. Words and Music: Berlin. Cover: Red color background. American National

                                               Red Cross, Publisher. Good.                                                                                          $8.00


             Remember Pearl Harbor. Words: Reid. Music: Reid and Kaye. (Diagrams for Guitar). Cover:

                                                                Artwork of bugler with bird and planes overhead. Republic Music

                                                                Corp. “1300” written on cover, upper right. Good.                                    $10.00


1942 - (As Long As You’re Not In Love With Anyone Else) Why Don’t You Fall In Love With Me?  Lyric:

                                                                                                           Lewis. Music: Wayne. (Diagrams for Guitar;

                                                                                                           Symbols for Ukulele and Banjo. Cover:

                                                                                                           Dinah Shore. HARMS, Inc. A couple marks

                                                                                                           made inside; “1293” written on cover’s

                                                                                                           upper right corner. Good.                                   $15.00


             Constantly. Words: Burke. Music: Van Heusen. (with chord names for Guitar). Cover: Bob

                                      Hope, Dorothy Lamour, and Bing Crosby. Paramount Music Corp. “1297”

                                      written on cover’s upper right corner. Good.                                                                       $10.00


             Here Comes the Navy. Words: Comdr. Oakes. Melody adapted from Beer Barrel Polka.

                                                           (Diagrams for Guitar). Shapiro, Bernstein, & Co., Inc. “1309” and a

                                                           name written on cover. One mark made inside. Good.                                 $6.00


             I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo. Words: Gordon. Music: Warren. Cover: Movie poster for

                                                                     "Orchestra Wives”. Bregman, Vocco, and Conn, Inc. “1285”

                                                                     written on cover. Good.                                                                               $6.00


             Light a Candle in the Chapel. Words and Music: Pease, Nelson, and Leonard. (Diagrams

                                                                       for Guitar). Cover: artwork of candle/chapel. Mills Music, Inc.

                                                                       Good.                                                                                                           $6.00


             The Men of the Merchant Marine. By Waring and Dolph. Cover: View of ships in the ocean.

                                                                            Words and Music, Inc. Good.                                                           $10.00


             My Devotion. Words and Music: Hillman and Napton. (Diagrams for Guitar acc.) Cover:

                                        design. “1284” written on cover. Santly-Joy-Select, Inc. Good.                                        $7.50


             This Is Worth Fighting For. Words and Music: De Lange and Stept. With Symbols for Ukulele,

                                                                 Banjo, and Guitar. Cover: Artwork of house, field and 3-person

                                                                 family. Harms Inc. “1305” and a name written on cover. Good.             $9.00


             We Must Be Vigilant. Words: Leslie. Music adapted by Burke. Cover: Phil Spitalny and his All

                                                       Girl Orchestra. Bregman, Vocco, and Conn, Inc. “1307” written on

                                                       cover. Very good.                                                                                                     $11.00


1943 - A Journey To a Star. Lyric: Robin. Music: Warren. Cover: Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, Phil

                                                     Baker, and Benny Goodman. Triangle Music Corp. Good.                                 $6.00


             The Dreamer. Lyric: Loesser. Music: Schwartz. (Diagrams for Guitar; Symbols for Ukulele

                                           and Banjo). Cover: Small pictures of 12 actors/actresses appearing in WB’s

                                           “Thank Your Lucky Stars”. Harms, Inc. Good.                                                                  $7.00


             I Love You (Cole Porter’s). Words and Music: Porter. Cover: Artwork of female matador

                                                                 announcing Michael Todd’s Mexican Hayride. Chappell & Co.,

                                                                 Inc. One mark was made inside. Crease in cover’s upper right

                                                                 corner. Eight total page sides. Good.                                                         $6.00


             Nobody Else But You. Words: Tracey. Music: Handyman. (Diagrams for Guitar; Symbols for

                                                         Uke and Banjo). Cover: Al Donahue. Broadway Music Corp. Very

                                                         good.                                                                                                                       $20.00


             So Long, Sarah Jane. Lyric: Brown and Freed. Music: Fain. Cover: Red Skelton and Eleanor

                                                         Powell announcing M-G-M’s “I Dood It”. Leo Feist, Inc. A little nicking

                                                         along cover’s top and side edge. Good.                                                          $20.00


             We’ve Got the Lord On Our Side. Lyric: Magidson. Music: McHugh. Cover: Eddie Cantor.

                                                                            Robbins Music Corp. Some wear along the spine. Rough

                                                                            edging along the top, especially the middle page, which

                                                                            is ragged. Good.                                                                                $16.00


1944 - Candy. Words and Music: David, Whitney and Kramer. Cover: Inset of Al Trace. Leo Feist,

                               Inc. Good.                                                                                                                                         $10.00


             Good, Good, Good (That’s You - That’s You). By Roberts and Fisher. Cover: Inset photo of

                                                                                                   Joan Brooks. Irving Berlin Music Corp.

                                                                                                   Good.                                                                            $10.00


             How Blue the Night. Lyrics: Adamson. Music: McHugh. Cover: Kay Francis, Carole Landis,

                                                      Martha Raye, and Mitzi Mayfair in a jeep. Robbins Music Corp. Rough

                                                      edging along top; some stain marks along bottom. Fair.                                 $6.00


             I Don’t Care Who Knows It. Lyrics: Adamson. Music: McHugh. Cover: George Raft, Joan

                                                                   Bennett, Vivian Blaine, and Peggy Ann Garner. Robbins Music

                                                                   Corp. One mark was made inside. Good.                                              $6.00


             Time Waits For No One. Lyrics and Music: Friend and Tobias. (Diagrams for Guitar; Symbols

                                                              for Ukulele and Banjo). Cover: scene from the movie “Shine on

                                                              Harvest Moon” with Ann Sheridan. Remick Music Corp. Good.             $14.95


1945 - Dream. Lyric and Music: Mercer. Cover: Frank Sinatra wearing bow tie. Capitol Songs, Inc.

                               Good.                                                                                                                                                $10.00


             Five Salted Peanuts. Lyrics and Music: Charlie Abbott. Cover: Tony Pastor. Triangle Music

                                                       Corp. Very good.                                                                                                     $10.00


             I Didn’t Mean A Word I Said. Lyric: Adamson. Music: McHugh. Cover: Harry James, Maureen

                                                                    O’Hara, and Dick Haymes. Robbins Music Corp. Good.                  $12.00


             I’ll Buy That Dream. Lyric: Magidson. Music: Wrubel. Cover: Movie poster of “Sing Your Way

                                                     Home” with Jack Haley, Marcy McGuire, Glenn Vernon and Anne

                                                     Jeffreys. Burke and Van Heusen, Inc. Good.                                                        $7.00


             I’m Gonna Love That Guy (Like He’s Never Been Loved Before). Words and Music: Ash.

                                                                Cover: Monica Lewis. Bourne, Inc. One mark made inside.

                                                                Good.                                                                                                               $10.00


             It’s a Grand Night For Singing. Lyrics: Hammerstein. Music: Rodgers. Cover: Movie poster

                                                                         for “State Fair”. Williamson Music, Inc. “S. Sasso” written

                                                                         on cover. Good.                                                                                       $6.50


             It’s Been a Long, Long Time. Lyric: Cahn. Music: Styne. Cover: Inset of Charlie Spivak.

                                                                       Edwin H. Morris & Co., Inc. Good.                                                       $11.00


             I Wish. Words and Music: Roberts and Fisher. Cover: woman’s head shadow. Northern

                               Music Corp. Very good.                                                                                                                    $6.00


             Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside). Lyrics: Raleigh. Music: Wayne. Cover: Art

                                                                                                        design (no people). Broadcast Music,

                                                                                                        Inc. Good.                                                                  $9.00


             Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Lyric: Cahn. Music: Styne. Cover: Vaughn Monroe.

                                                                                   Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc. Good.                                  $9.00


             You Keep Coming Back Like a Song. Words and Music: Berlin. Cover: Head shots of Bing

                                                                                      Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Joan Caufield. Irving

                                                                                      Berlin Music Corp. One mark made inside. Good.             $6.00


1946 - A Gal in Calico. Lyric: Robin. Music: Schwartz. Cover: Dennis Morgan, Martha Vickers, Jack

                                             Carson, Janis Paige. Remick Music Corp. Good.                                                       $6.00

             And Then It’s Heaven. Words and Music: Seiler, Marcus, and Kaufman. Cover: Vincent

                                                          Lopez. Remick Music Corp. Good.                                                                    $8.00


             Do You Love Me. Lyric and Music: Ruby. Cover: Maureen O’Hara, Dick Haymes, and Harry

                                                James on bright striped background. Bregman, Vocco, and Conn, Inc.

                                                Good .                                                                                                                                $8.00


             Guilty. Words and Music: Kahn, Akst, and Whiting. Cover: Artie Shaw. Leo Feist, Inc. Some

                             minor stain marks along page bottom edges. Crease marks in a bottom corner.

                             Good.                                                                                                                                                  $13.00


             (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons. Lyric: Watson. Music: Best. Cover: Eddy Howard.

                                                                                        Duchess Music Corp. Special feature contains

                                                                                        solo parts for trumpet, saxophone, clarinet and

                                                                                        all other instruments. Good.                                                 $9.00


             I’m a Lonely Little Petunia (In an Onion Patch). Words and Music: Kamano, Faber,

                                                                  Hartmann. Cover: artwork of two birds and a crying petunia;

                                                                  inset of Dick “Two Ton” Baker. RYTVOC, Inc. A few pencil

                                                                  lines drawn together inside. Good.                                                         $13.00


             The Old Lamp-Lighter. Words:Tobias. Music: Simon. Cover: Inset of Perry Como. Shapiro,

                                                           Bernstein, & Co. Cover has some rough side edging and a

                                                           small stain in lower right corner. A few short lines drawn together

                                                           inside. Good.                                                                                                         $7.00


             One-Zy, Two-Zy (I Love You-Zy). Words and Music: Franklin and Taylor. Cover: Artwork of

                                                                          boy and girl with heads inside book. Martin Music,

                                                                          Hollywood. Five markings made on the music. Good.                  $6.00


             Sonata. Words: Drake. Music: Shirl. Cover: Carmen Cavallaro. Oxford Music Corp. Very

                                good.                                                                                                                                                $15.00


             The Whole World Is Singing My Song. Lyric: Curtis. Music: Mizzy. Cover: Dennis Day.

                                                                                      Robbins Music Corp. Good.                                                  $10.00


             You Call Everybody Darling. Words and Music: Martin, Trace, and Watts. Cover: Al Trace.

                                                                    Mayfair Music Corp. Stain in lower right corners; 5 side

                                                                    edge nick/tears; both pages creased. Good.                                         $6.00


1947 - Ask Anyone Who Knows. Words and Music: Seiler, Marcus, and Kaufman. Cover: Eddy

                                                               Howard. M Whitmark & Sons. Good.                                                             $9.00


             Beg Your Pardon. Words and Music: Craig and Smith. Cover: Francis Craig. Robbins

                                                  Music Corp. Good.                                                                                                       $10.00


             But Beautiful. Lyrics: Burke. Music: Van Heusen. Cover: Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Bing

                                          Crosby, on mule. Burke and Van Heusen, Inc. Good.                                                    $6.00


             Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo). Words and Music: Hilliard and Sigman. Cover: Louis

                                                                                  Prima. Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc. Very Good.           $10.00


             The Freedom Train. Words and Music: Irving Berlin. Cover: Artwork of a train. Irving Berlin

                                                      Music Corp. Very good.                                                                                           $10.00


             Open the Door, Richard. Words: Mason and Howell. Music: McVea and Clark. Cover:

                                                              Artwork of man in rain banging on door. Duchess Music Corp.

                                                              Good.                                                                                                                  $11.00


             Sixteen Tons. Words and Music: Travis. Cover: “Tennessee” Ernie Ford. American Music,

                                           Inc. Very good.                                                                                                                      $10.00


             Slap ’Er Down Agin, Paw. Words and Music: Arnold, Cornett and Asherman. Cover: Inset

                                                                 of Arthur Godfrey. Choice Music, Inc. Creased rt. bottom

                                                                 corner, both pages. Good.                                                                           $10.00


             Tenderly. Lyric: Lawrence. Music: Gross. Cover: Art design of opened pages saying, “A

                                   Morris - Mayfair - Melrose Song”. Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc. “1698”

                                   written very small on cover. Good.                                                                                           $10.00


             Teresa. Lyric: Hoffman. Music: Russin. Duchess Music Corp. Stain in corner, all pages.

                                Dog-ear flap on side of cover. Good.                                                                                         $10.00


             The Thousand Island Song (“Florence!”). Song: Hilliard and Sigman. Cover: Artwork of

                                                                                            musical revue “Angel in the Wings”. Edwin H.

                                                                                            Morris & Company, Inc. Good.                                         $20.00


             Worry Worry Worry. Words and Music: Idriss and Tibbles. Cover: Art design of bars and

                                                    wavy lines. Robert Music Corp. Very good.                                                             $8.00


1948 - A Man Chases a Girl. Words and Music: Berlin. Cover: Movie poster for “There’s No

                                                        Business Like Show Business”. Irving Berlin Music Corp. “S.

                                                        Sasso” written on cover. Good.                                                                             $7.00


             Cuanto Le Gusta (La Parranda). Lyric: Gilbert. Music: Ruiz. Cover: Movie poster for “A Date

                                                                            With Judy”. Peer International Corp. Three light marks

                                                                            made on one page. Small circular stain at bottom of

                                                                            spine. Good.                                                                                       $10.00


             Down Among the Sheltering Palms. Lyric: Brockman. Music: Olman. Cover: Sammy Kaye.

                                                                                   Miller Music Corp. by arrangement with Leo Feist,

                                                                                   Inc. Good.                                                                                     $13.00


             My Darling, My Darling. Lyrics and Music: Loesser. Cover: Drawing of Ray Bolger running.

                                                           Edwin H. Morris and Company, Inc. Crease in one corner. Good. 

                                                           (2 available).                                                                                                          $7.00


             Put ’Em In a Box (Tie ’Em With a Ribbon and Throw ’Em In the Deep Blue Sea). Words:

                                                Cahn. Music: Styne. Cover: Don DeFore, Doris Day, Jack Carson, and

                                                Janis Paige. Remick Music Corp. Very good.                                                          $10.00


             Red Roses For a Blue Lady. Words and Music: Tepper and Brodsky. Cover: Guy

                                                                      Lombardo. Mills Music, Inc. Good                                                        $10.00


             So In Love. Words and Music: Porter. Cover: Artwork announcing “Kiss Me Kate”. T. B.

                                      Harms Company by arrangement with Buxton Hill Music Corp. Very good.                  $9.00


             Toolie Oolie Doolie. Swiss Lyric and Music: Beul. English Lyric: Horton. Cover: Ray Eberle.

                                                      Chas. K. Harris Music Pub. Co., Inc. Good.                                                        $12.00


1949 - I Didn’t Know the Gun Was Loaded. Words and Music: Fort and Leighton. Cover: Artwork

                                                                                   of a pistol shootin’ female with an inset picture of

                                                                                   Janette Davis. Lewis Music Publishing Co., Inc.

                                                                                   Good. (B0034Q81N0).                                                               $23.00


1950 - Let’s Have a Party. Lyric by Friend and Haymes. Music by Baxter. (Symbols for Guitar;

                                                   Diagrams for Ukulele). Cover: Artwork of couple dancing. Leeds

                                                   Music Corp. Good.                                                                                                      $12.00


             Molasses, Molasses (It’s Icky, Sticky Goo). Words and Music: Clinton. Cover: Guy

                                                                                               Lombardo. Warwick Music Inc. Small tear

                                                                                               on both side edges. Good.                                           $13.00


             Sam’s Song (The Happy Tune). Words: Elliot. Music: Quadling. Cover: Inset of Freddie

                                                                           Martin. Sam Weiss Music, Inc. Good.                                               $9.00


1951 - I’m Waiting Just For You. Words and Music: Glover and Leigh. Cover: Pat Boone. Jay &

                                                               Cee Music Corp. Covers show a light dirtiness; a couple

                                                               small stains. “Sasso” written on cover. Good.                                          $15.00


             Thumbelina. By Loesser. Cover: 3 pictures (including Danny Kaye) announcing the movie

                                          “Hans Christian Anderson”. Frank Music Corp. Good.                                                 $10.00


1952 - Forgive Me. Words:Yellen. Music: Ager. (Symbols for Guitar & Banjo; Frames for Ukulele).

                                      Cover: Vincent Lopez. Advanced Music Corp. Some staining in three corners.

                                      Many markings inside. Good.                                                                                                  $9.00


             Gone. Words and music: Rogers. Cover: Ferlin Husky. Hill and Range Songs, Inc.

                              “Sasso” written on cover. Good.                                                                                                    $11.00


             My Favorite Song. Words: Gold. Music: Charlap. Cover: Marian Caruso. Jack Gold Music

                                                  Co. “1697” written very small on cover. Good.                                                        $12.00


             Why Don’t You Believe Me. By Douglas, Laney and Rodde. Cover: Joni James with hands

                                                                  raised. Brandom Music Co. Cover is intact but looks very

                                                                  worn. “Sasso” written on cover. Fair.                                                          $6.00


             Why Don’t You Believe Me. By Douglas, Laney and Rodde. Cover: Joni Janes with hands

                                                                   raised. Brandom Music Co., by arrangement with T.B.

                                                                   Harms Co. A couple small tears on each side edge. Good.                $8.00


1953 - Half a Photograph. Lyrics: Russell. Music: Stanley. Cover: Kay Starr. Vesta Music Corp.

                                                    Side edges have a few nicks/cuts. “S Sasso” and “4 - 5” written on

                                                    cover. Good.                                                                                                                   $8.00


             Many Times. Words: Barnes. Music: Stahl. Cover: Inset of Percy Faith. Broadcast Music,

                                          Inc. “Sasso” written on cover. Fair.                                                                                    $10.00


             Oh! My Pa-Pa. Music and original Words: Burkhard. English Words: Turner and Parsons.

                                            Cover: Eddie Fisher. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. “Sasso” written on

                                            cover. Fair.                                                                                                                              $7.00


             Tell Me a Story. Words and Music: Gilkyson. Cover: Artwork design of a fiddle. Montclare

                                             Music Corp. “S.Sasso” written on cover. Fair.                                                                $6.00


             That’s Amore (That’s Love). Words: Brooks. Music: Warren. Cover: Scene from “The

                                                                    Caddy” has Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Donna Reed.

                                                                    Paramount Music Corp. Some tears; writing on cover. Fair.                $6.00


             Woman (Uh-huh). Words and Music: Gleason. Cover: Johnny Desmond. Studio Music

                                                   Co. “S. Sasso” written on cover. Good.                                                                     $8.00


1954 - Mister Sandman. Words and Music: Ballard. Cover: Inset of the Chordettes. Edwin H.

                                                 Morris & Co., Inc. Lower corner of both pages has a stain mark, both

                                                 sides. Asterisk (*) mark made inside. Good.                                                             $9.00


             Two Hearts, Two Kisses (Make One Love). Words and Music: Stone and Williams. Cover:

                                                                                               artwork design of clouds. St. Louis Music

                                                                                               Corp. “S. Sasso” written on cover. Fair.                       $11.00


1955 - The Bible Tells Me So. Words and Music: Evans. Cover: Dale Evans and Roy Rogers.

                                                           Paramount-Roy Rogers Music Co., Inc. “S. Sasso” written on

                                                           cover. Good.                                                                                                          $13.00


             Blue Star (The “Medic” Theme). Words: Heyman. Music: Young. Cover: Felicia Sanders.

                                                                           Victor Young Publications, Inc. “Sasso” written on

                                                                           cover. Fair.                                                                                               $6.00


             Most Of All. Words and Music: Fuqua and Freed. Cover: Artwork of a tree sprouting hearts.

                                      Regent Music Corp. A dog-ear corner, a few nicks, and “S. Sasso” written on

                                      cover. Good.                                                                                                                               $10.00


             Not Yet. Words and Music: Berle, Mellin, and Mazlish. Cover: Art design. Sherwin Music,

                                Inc. Several nicks/cuts on edging; a few small stains; one mark made inside;

                                a couple corner fold lines; “S. Sasso” written on cover. Fair.                                                 $10.00


             Only You (And You Alone). Words and Music: Buck Ram and Ande Rand. Wildwood Music,

                                                                 Inc. “S. Sasso” written in light ink on cover. Good.                                  $10.00


             Pledging My Love. Words and Music: Robey and Washington. Cover: Inset of Teresa

                                                   Brewer. Lion Publishing Co. Fair.                                                                               $7.50


             A Woman in Love. Lyrics and Music: Loesser. Cover: Movie poster for “Guys and Dolls”

                                                   with Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra, and Vivian

                                                   Blaine. Frank Music Corp. Some rough edging here and there,

                                                   mostly on the middle sheet. Good.                                                                          $20.00


1956 - True Love. Lyrics and Music: Porter. Cover: Movie poster for “High Society” with Bing

                                     Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Buxton Hill Music Corp. One inch

                                     tear at bottom of spine; middle insert page has very rough edging along

                                     bottom. “Sasso” written on cover. Fair.                                                                                    $9.00


             Who Needs You. Lyric: Stillman. Music: Allen. (Symbols for Guitar, Diagrams for Ukulele).

                                                 Cover: The Four Lads on floor, looking at a magazine. Korwin Music,

                                                 Inc. “Sasso” written on cover. Good.                                                                          $18.00


             Why Do Fools Fall In Love? Words and Music: Lymon and Goldner. (Symbols for Guitar;

                                                                    Diagrams for Ukulele). Cover: The Teenagers. Patricia

                                                                    Music Publishing Corp. Both pages have 3 in. stain in

                                                                    lower right corner. Good.                                                                          $16.00 


1957 - Almost Paradise. Words and Music: Petty. Cover: Roger Williams. Southern Music Pub.

                                                  Co., Inc. “Sasso” written on cover. Good.                                                                   $6.00


             Bye Bye, Love. Words and Music: Bryant and Bryant. Cover: The Everly Brothers. Acuff-

                                             Rose Publications. "Sasso" written on cover. A few small stains. Fair.                    $7.00 


             Empty Arms. Words and Music: Hunter. Cover: Ivory Joe Hunter. Ivory Music Publishing Co.

                                          There is a small chunk taken out of cover's upper right corner. "Sasso"

                                           written on cover. Good.                                                                                                       $13.00


             Loving You. Words and Music: Leiber and Stoller. Cover: Elvis with guitar. Elvis Presley 

                                        Music, Inc. A fold line down the middle of both pages. Fair.                                           $11.00


             Ninety-Nine Ways. Words and Music: September. Cover: Tab Hunter. Maryland Music 

                                                     Publishing Co. "Sasso" written on cover. Good.                                                    $8.00 


             Through the Eyes of Love. Words: Beach. Music: Lippman. (Symbols for Guitar; Diagrams

                                                                  for Ukulele). Cover: Doris Day. Pickwick Music Corp. Crease;

                                                                  dirty covers. Good.                                                                                        $16.00 


             Treat Me Nice. Words and Music: Leiber and Stoller. Cover: Elvis Presley and  "Jailhouse

                                             Rock" movie poster. Elvis Presley Music, Inc. Good.                                                  $10.00


             White Silver Sands. Words and Music: Matthews. Cover: Dave Gardner. Fellows Music 

                                                      Co. Wear/rough patches on Gardner's arm. Good.                                           $10.00