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               All books listed are hardcover unless otherwise noted.  Old books being old books, you can expect 

wear on some.  Please contact me to learn a book's condition.  The main listing is by year issued.



"The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated Out of the Original Greek and with

the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised"

               The leather covers are gone, but most of the leather spine remains. Stains and spots abound,

               almost befitting a little book published during the 2nd year of Andrew Jackson's presidency. 

               Though marred in many ways, the pages are all there, from the dated title page to the last page

               of Revelation.  Published by James Clark at No. 137 South Front Street, Philadelphia. Stereotyped

               by L. Johnson.                                                                                                                                                      $64.



"The Romance of the Forest; Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry, In Two Volumes"  by Mrs. Ratcliffe

               Includes both volumes. Covers are very worn.  Pages have age spots, as to be expected, and a

               couple in volume 2 have a tear near the binding, but the text there is readable. Both volumes are 

               still held together at the bindings, though there may be a little loose feel.  Published by George

               Clark in Boston.                                                                                                                                                   $89.



"Psalms and Hymns Adapted to Social, Private, and Public Worship in the Presbyterian Church in the 

United States of America"

               "Approved and Authorized by the General Assembly; to which are added The Forms of Govern-

               ment of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, The Directory for Worship, and 

               the Shorter Catechism".  Leather covers show wear, with the front one cracking at binding point,

               but still in place. Light spotting, as to be expected, but the pages are in amazingly good shape.

               "Entered according to the Act of Congress in the year 1843, by A. W. Mitchell, M.D. in the office of

               the Clerk of the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania".  Philadelphia: Presbyterian

               Board of Publication.                                                                                                                                          $65. 



"McGuffey's Newly Revised Eclectic Spelling Book, showing, The Exact Sound of Each Syllable, According 

to the Most Approved Principles of English Orthoepy"

               "Improved stereotype edition".  Age spots abound, and enough of a dirty look to convince you that

               this copy just may have traveled the Oregon Trail by wagon train. "Ebenezer Gobles book 1865

               (1866)"  written in on front and back inside covers, and on cover, down along the edge. A 2nd back

               blank page looks like it had been ripped out. This readable book's binding is still amazingly tight

               and intact. Publishers, Winthrop B. Smith & Co., Cincinnati.  Stereotyped by James & Co.,

               Cincinnati, O.                                                                                                                                                        $85.  



"Walkingame's Arithmetic: The Tutor's Assistant: Being a Compendium of Practical Arithmetic, and a

Complete Question Book"  by Francis Walkingame

               179th ed.  Covers are beat up and starting to loosen at binding point. Age spots. Writing on inside

               covers including  "Thomas Smith's Book July, 14 - 1852".  Halifax: Milner and Sowerby.                    $49.  



"The Plum-Woman, or The Child with Three Mothers: A Tale of High Life and Low Life"  by Gustav Nieritz.

               Translated from the German by Mrs. H.C. Conant.  Published by Charles Scribner, 145 Nassau

               Street, New York. Tolitt's combination-type.  181 William-St.   R. Craighead, printer.  Frontispiece

               illustration.                                                                                                                                                            $79.



"The Mother's Mission: Sketches From Real Life"  by Lucy Ellen Guernsey

               "By the author of 'The Object of Life'". Some age spotting, and the pages are doing that stiffening

               thing. Covers are intact and book is solidly bound. Contains at least 4 drawn illustrations with tissue 

               paper covering, including frontispiece. "Boston: Published by Henry Hoyt, 9 Cornhill. Chicago: 

               William Tomlinson. Cincinnati: Geo. Crosby. 1859."                                                                                   $85.  



"The Wonders of Pompeii"  by Marc Monnier (part of the "Illustrated Library of Wonders" series)

               Age spotting throughout, and the covers are scuffed and beat up. The substantially strong pages

               are doing that stiffening thing as a collective group. One blank page has a signature, another a

               small edge bite. But this book is a little gem; many full page illustrations with a text that is very

               readable. Binding is intact. In the back, there is a section on "Educational Text-Books and Works

               of Reference for the Use of Students in Schools, Academies, and Colleges published by Charles

               Scribner & Co."  There is another section which describes the other books in the  "Illustrated

               Library of Wonders" series, followed by 20 full page illustrations representing those volumes.

               Charles Scribner & Co., 654 Broadway, New York.                                                                                     $70.



"Sweet Cicely or Josiah Allen as a Politician"  by Josiah Allen's wife (Marietta Holley)

               Fourth ed.  Funk & Wagnalls. Beat up, but still held together. An amazing book for its many

               wonderful illustrations and its dedication "To the sad-eyed mothers, who, like Cicely, are looking

               across the cradle of their boys into the great world of temptation and danger, this book is

               dedicated.                                                                                                                                                             $40. 



"Phineas Finn, The Irish Member, Vols. 1, 2, & 3,  The Parliamentary Novels"  by Anthony Trollope.

               Vols. 1 & 2 have a signature on the first blank page. Each book has a frontispiece illustration with

               facing tissue page that contains a quote referencing the scene. Dodd, Mead, & Company,  New

               York.                                                                                                                                                                       $79.



"At Sundown"  by John Greenleaf  Whittier

               "With designs by E. H. Garrett" (9 illustrations).  Covers and edging show wear. Some age

               spotting inside.  Binding is intact.  Houghton , Mifflin and Company, The Riverside Press,

               Cambridge (1895 in Roman numerals)                                                                                                        $44.   


                                                                                   1897 - 1906

"The Paris Sketch Book of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh; The Irish Sketch Book, and Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo"  by William Makepeace Thackeray

               The first few pages are exhibiting some flaking, brittleness and loosening. Back inside cover is

               cracking at the binding.  The Mershon Company, New York.                                                                      $16.                                                                                                                                    


"Famous Men and Great Events of the Nineteenth Century:  Embracing Descriptions of the Decisive Battles of

the Century and the Great Soldiers Who Fought Them;  the Rise and Fall of Nations;  the Changes in the Map

of the World, and the Causes Which Contributed to Political and Social Revolutions;  Discoverers  and

Discoveries; Explorers of the Tropics and Arctics;  Inventors and Their Inventions;  the Growth of Literature,

Science and Art;  the Progress of Religion, Morals and Benevolence in All Civilized Nations"  by Charles

Morris, LL. D.  

               Embellished with nearly 100  full-page half-tone engravings, illustrating the greatest events of the     

               century, and 100 portraits of the most famous men in the world.  John C. Winston & Co.                  $69.


"The Halcyon, 1900"  (Swarthmore College Yearbook).  By the Junior Class.

               Franklin Printing Company. 514-520 Minor Street,  Philadelphia.  Full of photos, illustrations and

               advertisements.                                                                                                                                                  $45.



"The Life of King Edward Vll: With a Sketch of the Career of George, Prince of Wales and a History of the

Royal Tour of the Empire in 1901"  by J. Castell Hopkins, F.S.S.

               Illustrated. Good condition, though edging is dirty, front binding is showing cracks, inside front

               cover has label remnant, and 2 pages have holes near the edge. "Entered according to Act of

               Congress in the year 1902 by W.F. Scull, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington,

               D.C.  Entered at Stationers' Hall, London, England".                                                                                   $16. 



"The Mechanics' Handbook: A Convenient Reference Book"  by International Correspondence Schools

               Illustrated. "For all persons interested in Mechanical Engineering, Steam Engineering, Electrical

               Engineering, Railroad Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Etc."  Some 

               binding cracking is taking place at first few and last few pages.  Some writing front and back

               inside covers.  International Textbook Company, Scranton, Pa.                                                               $16.


"Under Other Flags" : Travels, Lectures, Speeches"  by William Jennings Bryan

               Some age spotting, most of which is outside the main text. Inside back cover at spine is starting

               to show cracks. Beautifully written signature graces the top of one of the first 5 blank pages.

               Outside covers show wear; book is still nicely held together with clear text to read.  The Woodruff-

               Collins Printing Co., Lincoln, Nebraska.                                                                                                        $49.


                                                                                   1905 - 1906 

"Bright Ideas for Entertaining"  by Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott

               "Two Hundred forms of amusement or entertainment for social gatherings of all kinds: large or

               small parties, clubs, sociables, church entertainments, etc.; with special suggestions for birth-

               days, wedding anniversaries, Hallowe'en, All Fools' Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and

               other holidays".  Various age spots and aging (mostly on the outside), and an inside front cover

               signature, fail to keep this from being a fun book from the past.  George W. Jacobs & Co.,

               Philadelphia.                                                                                                                                                        $12.



"Stories From Early New York History"  by Sherman Williams

               Illustrated.  Appendix  includes sections on Articles of Capitulation as agreed upon by the Dutch and  

               the English,  Trade in Scalps,  Indian Names,  Executives during the Dutch and English Colonial 

               Periods...,  Governors of the State of New York,  Mayors of the City of New York,  and New York City's

               Growth in Population.  Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. The Outing Press, Deposit, N.Y.           $34. 


"The Undertow: A Tale of Both Sides of the Sea"  by Robert E. Knowles

               Normal staining and wear for a book this age, but not too bad. Most of the cover gilded lettering

               has disappeared. First page has a penciled-in name/address. Dedication page says, "To all by

               life's undertow beset who are yet bravely struggling on and already tasting the victory of the shore".

               Back pages describe 6 books on sale at the time; the works of Norman Duncan, and the complete

               works of Ralph Connor.  Fleming H. Revell Company.                                                                              $32. 



"Mr. Justice Raffles"  by E. W. Hornung

               Normal wear for a book this old, especially along outside edging. Page 155 has a 1.2" tear at

               bottom. Inside front cover hinge has started to show cracking. First adjacent page has presen-

               tation writing dated 2/22/10. Published Sept., 1909 by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York.            $16.



"Persia, the Land of the Magi or The Home of the Wise Man"  by Samuel K. Nweeya, M.D., Ph. D

               "An Historical and Descriptive Account of Persia from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time; with

               a Detailed View of its People, their Manners, Customs, Matrimony and Home Life, Religion,

               Education and Literature, the King, his Court, and Forms of Punishment, Including Afghanistan

               and Beloochistan.  Decorated with many illustrations and a map".  Some wear and spotting on

               outside covers. Outer page edging has a dirty appearance. Minor age spotting inside. Binding   

               crack showing a few pages in, but holding together nicely.  Tissue paper frontispiece of Samuel 

               K. Nweeya, M.D.   Fourth ed., August, 1910, "Press of The John C. Winston Company, 1006-1016

               Arch Street, Philadelphia".                                                                                                                                $39. 


"Redman's Musical Dictionary and Pronouncing Guide"  edited and compiled by Harry Newton Redman. 

               Concise, yet comprehensive book of reference, giving the chief musical terms accompanied by

               their definition, derivation and phonetic pronunciation, to which has been added a list of the great

               Masters, giving their nationality, date of birth, date of death, and a phonetic pronunciation of their

               names. Also, a list of the chief abbreviations used in music.  Linen-type paperback.  Theo. Presser

               Co., 1712 Chestnut Street,  Philadelphia.                                                                                                      $15. 



"The Maid of the Whispering Hills"  by Vingie E. Roe

               Binding is intact. Title and author's name is in clear white lettering on front and spine with a leaf

               patterned background. Some age spotting on outer page edging; to a lesser extent inside the

               covers, and an even lesser extent on a few of the pages. Dedication page says, "To my mother

               who has been my constant help, my father who was proud of me, and my little brother, Glenne -

               these two long asleep on the hill at Carney - this book is lovingly inscribed. V.E.R."  With 3

               illustrations by George Gibbs, one of which is a frontispiece illustration.  A. L. Burt Company,

               Publishers, New York. Copyright, 1912, by Dodd, Mead and Company.                                                $49.



"Notable Women in History"  by Willis J. Abbot

               "The lives of women who in all ages, all lands and in all womanly occupations have won fame

               and put their imprint on the world's history".  Illustrated. Very beat up, but presented for the

               interesting resource that it is. The John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, Pa.                                            $14.


"What We Hear in Music: A Laboratory Course of Study in Music History and Appreciation"  by Anne

Shaw Faulkner

               Pages are doing a little bit of that stiffening thing as a collective group. No writing; nice clean

               inside front covers. Back pages include Examples of Form, Pronunciations, Index of Records,

               Index of Composers, and Index of Choruses and Cantatas Suggested. A wonderful, illustrated

               resource "for Four Years of High School, Academy, College, Music Club or Home Study".  The

               Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, New Jersey.                                                                          $24.  



"Handbook for Scout Masters"  by  Boy Scouts of America

               200 Fifth Avenue, New York City.  Two pages of advertising in front of book, ten pages in back.  Pre-

               WWl  photos.                                                                                                                                                       $95. 



"The Lost Monument"  by Carl Louis Kingsbury

               Cloth covers exhibit a slight wave; covers and binding are intact; about 4 dog-ear corner overlaps;

               7 B&W illustrations within this 64 page gem; small color scene pasted on cover (original); 1915

               (not shown) by David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Illinois.                                                                   $18. 



"Phonetic French Reader: Phonetic Transcription of Short Stories for Oral French"  by Anna Woods

Ballard & Edmund Tilly

               A few age spots and some corner nicks on the outer spine.  The pages are still clear and very

               readable. Solidly held together. Includes "an introduction on French pronunciation, a sound chart

               in colors, and suggestions as to method".  In the back, there is a descriptive listing of the other

               offerings in "The Walter-Ballard French Series", of which this book is a part. Published by

               Charles Scribner's Sons.                                                                                                                                   $24.                                                                                                                           


"Jungle Tales of Tarzan"  by Edgar Rice Burroughs

               Outside spine has a small nick at top and some imperfect evenness. A less than usual amount

               of age coloration along the side and bottom edging.  A few page corners are folded over; light 

               stain on back cover.  This tightly bound book shows Tarzan in his full elephant-riding glory on the

               cover.  The inside front and back covers display a fun map of Africa complete with animal in-

               habitants.  Clean pages and readable text.  Illustrated with drawings. Publishers Grosset &

               Dunlap, New York.                                                                                                                                               $18.



"The Odyssey of Homer"    

               Translated by George Herbert Palmer.  Revised edition.  The Houghton Mifflin Company.  The

               Riverside Press.  Cambridge, Mass.  Frontispiece photo of bust of Homer                                          $20.


"Parliamentary Practice: An Introduction to Parliamentary Law"  by  General Henry M. Robert

               Nicely held together with a few age spots and a minority of pages having been penciled on.

               Inside front cover has "Property of" signature written in.  Outside spine showing age.

               D. Appleton-Century Company, Incorporated, New York and London.                                                   $14. 



"Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ"  by  Lew Wallace

               Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, New York.                                                                                                     $15.


Rapid Arithmetic: Quick and Special Methods in Arithmetical Calculation Together with a Collection of

Puzzles and Curiosities of Numbers"  by T. O'Conor Sloane, Ph. D., LL.D.

               In one sentence on page 5 there is yellow highlighter. First inside front cover page has ".15"

               written on it. Tightly bound book in very good condition.  The title page says "Sixth Printing.  New

               York.  D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc.  250 Fourth Avenue".  The next page says "Copyright, 1922,

               by D. Van Nostrand Company.  Printed in the United States of America.  Lancaster Press, Inc.