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               Probably the best example of photojournalism was "Life"  magazine. It was big (14" x 10.5") and it

brought the current events of the world to the masses on a weekly basis. Using it now to look back, we can

relive historical events as they were reported. The advertisements alone give great insight into a way of life

from the past.

               For each issue, I've tried to list some article highlights. Listing is by issue date:


1939,   Dec. 18  -  (Cover)  Commander of the Canadians

                                (The Week's Events)  German Aerial Cameras Spy Out the Military Secrets of Britain

                                (Photographic Essay)  Canada at War: U.S. Neighbor Girds for Action 

                                (Close-Up)  David O. Selznick: The Man Who Made  "Gone With The Wind" 

                                        Intact except for outside covers which have seperated from staples but are still joined         

                                together. There is a small tear at left bottom cover and upper right back.  Some wear along

                                cover edge.                                                                                                                                          $30.


1940,    April  8  -  (Cover)  Anna Neagle

                                (The Week's Events)  U.S. Air Transport end one historic year and looks forward to another

                                (The Week's Events)  Hitler and Mussolini hold first war meeting

                                (Photographic Essay)  Turkey: It faces the modern world with new ways and  modern


                                        Outside covers have all but seperated from magazine and are barely being held  by a 

                                bad tape job.  Shows age, but can still be read.                                                                          $25.


            June 10  -  (Cover)  Emperor of Japan

                                (The Week's Events)  The battle of Flanders; the German attack

                                (The Week's Events)  Refugees: An army of human misery gets millions of fresh recruits

                                (The Week's Events)  Nazis mop up Norway

                                (Photographic Essay)  R.A.F.: New glory won for Britain by  "Cloud Cavalry"    

                                (Modern Living)  Nylon: Women hope new yarn will halve their stocking bill

                                        Covers held by 3rd bottom staple. The 2 middle-most ad pages have seperated  from

                                staples but are still joined together. Good condition.                                                                  $45.


              Sept. 9  -  (Cover)  Summer Success: Carol Bruce (Theater) 

                                (The Week's Events)  Germans bomb London, British bomb Berlin, and the war goes into

                                                                        second year

                                (The Week's Events)  Tactics in the air war

                                (Photographic Essay)  Canada: One-half of North America joins the other on defense

                                (Close-Up)  The Roosevelt  family

                                        Nicely held together. Cover has a long, narrow, dirty fade mark along edge; some

                                 roughness along the edge and corner; good+ condition.                                                          $50.


              Oct. 21  -  (Cover)  Season for sweaters

                                (The Week's Events)  U.S. industry hustles to meet nation's need for speed

                                (The Week's Events)  Adolf Hitler does a victory jig  

                                (The Week's Events)  Roosevelt preferred: by Mayor LaGuardia

                                (Photographic Essay)  Texas ranch: the old west lives on at Matador

                                (Photographic Essay)  The 1940 elections

                                        All around good+ condition with minor imperfections.                                                         $50.


             Nov. 18  -  (Cover)  The Winner (FDR)

                                (The Week's Events)  Franklin Roosevelt wins another chance to be great leader of united


                                (The Week's Events)  Other election news and results

                                (The Week's Events)  Italian bombers menace art of ancient Athens

                                (Close-Up)  William Saroyan

                                (Photographic Essay)  Churchill, England: "Life" visits an English village 

                                        Some tears at stapled edge, but covers still held in place. The 2 middle-most pages

                                have seperated from staples but are still joined together. Minor imperfections.                   $40. 


1941,   Nov. 10  -  (Cover)  Gene Tierney

                                (The Week's Events)  Toll of U.S. ships and lives climbs as Nazi submarines strike off


                                (Close-Up)  (2 articles on Hypnotism)

                                (Photographic Essay)  The American heritage

                                (Article)  Red Guerrillas: Russians fight Nazis far behind front lines

                                (Movies)  "How Green Was My Valley"

                                (National Defense)  Signal Corps: On it depends the fate of the U.S. Army

                                        On cover, a drip of something (wax?) is on Gene Tierney's nose. Nicely held together

                                with minor imperfections. Good condition.                                                                                    $50.


1953,   Aug. 31  -  (Cover)  Donna Reed as James Jones's Alma

                                (The Week's Events)  A dramatic royal comeback in Iran

                                (The Week's Events)  Ruinous earthquakes on the islands of Ionia

                                (Article)  Space, it's enough to make the blood boil

                                (Religion)  Assisi's second saint

                                (Movies)  "From Here to Eternity" 

                                        Covers still holding on, though there are rips at top and bottom of stapled edge. Other

                                minor imperfections. Label on cover. Good condition.                                                                $40.


              Oct. 12  -  (Cover)  Backs are back in fashion

                                (The Week's Events)  The 14th Chief Justice (Warren)

                                (The Week's Events)  Joe McCarthy wedding

                                (Photographic Essay)  The Red outpost in Central America (Guatemala)

                                (Article)  How the  "Columbine"  flies (President's plane)

                                (Modern Living)  Four-bedroom bargain for  $8,695.

                                        Nicely held together. Good condition, with minor imperfections and nicks. Label on

                                cover. A big issue (216 pages).                                                                                                         $50.


             Nov. 30  -  (Cover)  The Queen Triggerfish

                                (Pictorial Essay)  The world we live in: Part 7  Creatures of the sea

                                (Article)  The iron umpire of  Panmunjom

                                (Science)  Navy radio circles globe 

                                (Fashion)  And now, fur dresses

                                        Covers still holding on, though there are rips at top and bottom of stapled edge. The

                                2 middle-most pages have seperated from staples but are still joined together. Minor 

                                imperfections and nicks. Label on cover.                                                                                       $35.


1954,     Jan. 4  -  (Cover)  Regulus guided missle

                                (Special Issue: U.S. Growth)  Includes these articles: Extra luxuries for families; Billions for

                                                                                     defense build wondrous weapons; The luckiest generation;

                                                                                     U.S. spends record $34.7 billion on new construction; The

                                                                                     American domesticated male; Color television upheaval; Twice

                                                                                     as much power: new sources.  

                                        Nicely held together with some nicks and minor imperfections.  Label on cover. Good

                                 condition.                                                                                                                                            $50.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

             Jan. 25  -  (Cover)  Diane Sinclair (Dancer) 

                                (The Week's Events)  Avalanches bring tragedy to the Alps

                                (The Week's Events)  Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio wedding

                                (Photographic Essay)  Thule airbase in Greenland

                                (Movies)  "Knights of the Round Table"  and  "Prince Valiant"

                                        The 2 middle-most pages have seperated from staples but are still joined together. A

                                couple corner nicks, but mostly good condition. Label on cover.                                             $50.


                Mar. 8  -  (Cover)  Churchill's granddaughter Arabella

                                (The Week's Events)  McCarthy and a besieged Army (9 pages on Joseph McCarthy


                                (The Week's Events)  The "Butcher of Paris"  listens to accusations (German S.S. General

                                                                        Karl Oberg)

                                (Close-Up)  Front and center for Egypt's real boss (Nasser) 

                                        The stapled edge has a tear at the bottom and a nick at the top; otherwise good

                                condition; nicely held together. Label on cover.                                                                           $50.


              Apr. 12  -  (Cover)  Lively fashions for sub-teens

                                (The Week's Events)  5-4-3-2-1 and the Hydrogen Age is upon us

                                (Photographic Essay)  Art riches of the Andes

                                (Photographic Essay)  New light on Ava (Ava Gardner in Rome filming  "The Barefoot  


                                (Article)  Marvin Hewitt  PH(ONY)D.  (An eight-role imposter reveals for first time how he

                                               brought off a gigantic academic hoax) 

                                        The stapled edge has a tear and nick at the bottom; otherwise good condition; nicely

                                held together. Label on cover.                                                                                                         $55.


              Apr. 19  -  (Cover)  The awesome (hydrogen) fireball

                                (The Week's Events)  Color pictures of  Nov. 1, 1952  H-Bomb  

                                (The Week's Events)  (More on the McCarthy hearings)

                                (The Week's Events)  Buffalo school fire traps pupils at music lesson

                                (Pictorial Essay)  A vision of Easter (painted by William Blake)

                                (Pictorial Essay)  The world's most exclusive clubmen (spotlighting 11 Senators)

                                (Movies)  "Executive Suite"   

                                        Some nicks and minor imperfections.  4 pages missing from middle area. Good   

                                condition. Label on cover.                                                                                                                $25.                                                                                                                             

              June 7  -  (Cover)  Caribou on the Arctic tundra

                                (The Week's Events)  A great war reporter and his last battle (death of Robert Capa in


                                (The Week's Events)  A red carpet for the queen (back from 44,210 mile royal tour of realm)

                                (Pictorial Essay)  The world we live in: Part 10  The Arctic barrens

                                (Sports)  Fastest ball since Feller's (Robert Lee Turley of the Orioles)

                                (Movies)  "Three Coins in the Fountain"

                                        Some nicks and minor imperfections. Overall good condition. Label on cover. A big

                                issue (198 pages).                                                                                                                            $45. 


            June 14  -  (Cover)  The bold California look: Katie Richmond

                                (The Week's Events)  Pharaoh's bark sails out of the past (discovery of Khufu's 4,500 year

                                                                       old boat near the Pyramids)

                                (The Week's Events)  (More on the McCarthy hearings)

                                (The Week's Events)  On Mt. McKinley: rescue after victory

                                (The Week's Events)  (Ethiopia's Haile Selassie on tour in the U.S.)

                                (Photographic Essay)  California's bold look (fashions for women)

                                (Photographic Essay)  Going steady

                                (Close-Up)  Toughest cop of the western world (Curtis LeMay, boss of the U.S. Strategic

                                                      Air Command)

                                (Religion)  Pius Xll proclaims Pius X a saint

                                        Some nicks and minor imperfections. Overall good condition. Label on cover.           $50.


            June 28  -  (Cover)  Sweater girl bathing suits

                                (The Week's Events)  A Guatemalan revolution everyone expected

                                (The Week's Events)  Charles takes it and champ settles for decision (blow by blow

                                                                        pictures of Marciano / Ezzard Charles fight)

                                (Photographic Essay)  The Little League

                                (Music)  Haydn's skull is returned 

                                (Movies)  Starlet Kim kids a questionnaire (Kim Novak)

                                (Fashion)  New suits both cover up and show off (bathing suits)

                                (Entertainment)  Hold your horses!  An all but forgotten circus spectacle is recalled in

                                                                gaudy miniature models

                                        Some nicks and minor imperfections. Overall good condition. Label on cover.           $50.


           Sept. 13  -  (Cover)  Judy Garland

                               (The Week's Events)  (Hurricane Carol; 7 pages of pictures)

                               (The Week's Events)  Bangs of the gavel chasten McCarthy

                               (Photographic Essay)  Venezuela, new Latin boom land

                               (Close-Up)  Willie Mays

                               (Movies)  New day for Judy Garland ("A Star is Born") 

                                       Covers are held by 1 of 2 staples. The middle-most 24 pages have seperated from

                               staples but are still joined together. Some nicks, scratches, and rough edging. Label on

                               cover. A big issue (206 pages).                                                                                                       $35.


             Oct. 11  -  (Cover)  Conquest 

                               (The Week's Events)  Italians conquer the "Unclimbable Peak"

                               (The Week's Events)  Baltimore stands firm on desegregation

                               (Photographic Essay)  The Jesuits in America

                               (Article)  The rediscovery of Amerigo Vespucci

                               (Close-Up)  Herbert Hoover Jr.

                               (Movies)  ("White Christmas")

                               (Modern Living)  Home in a cube

                               (Sports)  That Willie, that Dusty, that Leo, those Giants (World Series)

                                       Dried water spot shows on top of cover and then lessening for about 40 pages in.

                               Light staining on cover. Some nicks and rough edging. Label on cover. A big issue (196

                               pages).                                                                                                                                                 $30. 


             Oct. 25  -  (Cover)  The Big Ten look: coeds from Michigan State

                               (The Week's Events)  Hanoi's red masters take over

                               (The Week's Events)  A capricious hurricane takes its toll (Hazel)

                               (The Week's Events)  The Adams papers are unsealed

                               (Photographic Essay)  The Big Ten look

                               (Photographic Essay)  A future for the retarted

                               (Movies)  A touchy theme for Frank Sinatra ("Suddenly") 

                               (Life's Visit)  Moravian town reprieved: Winston-Salem saves its old settlement (Old Salem)

                                       Some nicks and minor rough edging. Overall good condition. Label on cover.            $50. 


1955,  Feb. 21  -  (Cover)  Princess Margaret in Trinidad

                               (The Week's Events)  A working princess on the road (her tropical tour)

                               (The Week's Events)  An old Bolshevik regression to rule of the jungle (Krushchev's


                               (The Week's Events)  A super-union for 15 million (A.F. of L. and C.I.O. merger)

                               (Photographic Essay)  Cross-country roundup of U.S. homes

                               (Article)  A GI-Japanese marriage (by James A. Michener) 

                               (Sports)  Giants of schoolboy basketball (includes an 18-year old Wilt)  

                               (Theater)  Hexing, shunning and romancing ("Plain and Fancy")

                               (Science)  The first man-made diamond

                                       Short tear at top of cover at spine. Cover has a fold mark down the middle. Some 

                               nicks and rough edging.  Middle-most 4 pages held in place by 1 staple. Label on

                               cover.                                                                                                                                                     $35.


            April 11  -  (Cover)  Grace Kelly, winner of the Academy Award

                               (Photographic Essay)  Chicago slums

                               (Article)  Has U.S. discovered a new religion? ("Cult of Reassurance")

                               -  U.S. gets set for polio vaccine: Drug houses stock up as results are optimistically

                                   awaited from Salk tests

                               -  What it's like to dive in the atom sub

                               -  Preview for penguins: Antarctic visit of U.S. Navy ship breaks way for an international


                               -  Oscar winners pull a switch: Boisterous Brando is a perfect gentleman and imper-

                                   turbable Kelly breaks down 

                               -  Happy change for a heavy: Hollywood villian Ernest Borgnine plays a gentle hero


                                        Some nicks and minor rough edging. On cover, someone penned in a mustache

                                and goatee on Grace Kelly. A few pages were cut off center. Label on cover.                      $35.


1956,  Jan. 16  -  (Cover)  Anita Ekberg on location in "War and Peace"

                               (The Week's Events)  Engagement of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

                               (The Week's Events)  Lyndon Johnson returns as Senate majority leader after heart


                               (Photographic Essay)  America's Arts and Skills, Part 7: The Timeless Southwest

                               (Article)  How Dulles averted war (3 times)

                               (Sports)  The winning ways of Willie Hartack: brains put baby-faced jockey at the top

                               (Movies)  Malmo maid makes good: Anita Ekberg lands role in "War and Peace"

                               (Party)  A grand night for Helen: notables celebrate Miss Hayes's 50 theater years 

                                       Short tear at top of cover at spine. About 5 pages have a small nick/cut at edge.

                               Nicely held together. Label on cover.                                                                                              $40.


           Jan.  23  -  (Cover)  Mr. Truman today, still campaigning

                               (The Week's Events)  Robbery team that stole $1 million from Brink's in 1950 is 

                                                                       seized by the FBI

                               (The Week's Events)  Florida's fattest tourist fling: millions seek a place in the sun

                               (Photographic Essay)  The living immortals of the silver screen, as picked by the

                                                                         movies' pioneers, are shown as they were and are

                               (Article)  The Truman Memoirs, Volume 2 (covering 1946)

                               (Animals)  Kennel Club recognizes the rough and ready Rhodesian Ridgeback

                               (Sports)  U.S. puts best skating feet forward: Carol Heiss & Tenley Albright  (for the

                                                Olympics in Cortina, Italy)

                               (Fashion)  Bare midriffs are back

                                       Very good condition. Label on cover.                                                                                        $40.


           Aug.  27  -  (Cover)  Adlai Stevenson and Mrs. Roosevelt

                               (The Week's Events)  Coverage of the Chicago Democratic convention

                               (The Week's Events)  Suez Canal conference

                               (Photographic Essay)  A country sport gets citified: harness racing

                               (Photographic Essay)  Elvis- a different kind of idol

                               (Article)  Our new weather 

                               (Art)  A tragic end for rebel artist Jackson Pollock

                               (Movies)  "Bus Stop" unveils a new Marilyn Monroe

                               (Recreation)  A crowd of climbers shinning up Devil's Tower

                               (Fashion)  "My Fair Lady" inspires elegant fall fashions 

                                       The middle-most 4 pages have seperated from staples but are still held together.

                               Some nicks and rough edging. Label on cover.                                                                             $40.


            Sept.  3  -  (Cover)  A slave auction in old Charleston

                               (The Week's Events)  G.O.P. convention stages a rousing rally for Ike and Dick

                               (Pictorial Essay)  "The Background of Segregation"  Part 1: "In photographs and

                                                                paintings, the first article shows the Negro's ancestral life in Africa,

                                                                the slave trade, the early troubled days in America"

                               (Article)  An editor's hard and happy boyhood (by Louis B. Seltzer, editor of the

                                               "Cleveland Press") 

                               (Fashion)  A hint of hemline upheaval: newest length by Dior jogs the Paris showings

                               (Sports)  Lew Hoad's bid for a rare grand slam in tennis 

                                       Some minor rough edging along the bottom. Overall good condition. Label on

                               cover.                                                                                                                                                       $45.                                                      

1957,   Jan.  7  -  (Cover)  Hungarian refugees and Vice President (Nixon, in Austria)

                               (The Week's Events)  Fire at Malibu: a battle to save rich resort area

                               (The Week's Events)  Hungarians still pour in, and one family shows how refugees

                                                                       can fit into U.S. life

                               (The Week's Events)  A big man from the east and his hectic week in the west

                                                                       (Jawaharlal Nehru)

                               (The Week's Events)  Negro fight for freedom on buses spreads after Montgomery


                               (Photographic Essay)  The strange, living fossils of Australia: marsupials

                               (Article)  The age of psychology in the U.S.: first in a new  "Life"  series    

                               (Close-Up)  Busy time for a young maestro: Leonard Bernstein

                               (Movies)  The bitter dispute over  "Baby Doll"   

                                       The first few and last few inside pages were cut off-center. Short tear at top of 

                               cover at spine; goes onto first couple pages. Lower right cover corner has fold marks.

                               Minor rough edging. Label on cover.                                                                                                $45.


             Feb.  4  -  (Cover)  Hepburn (Audrey) and Ferrer (Mel), preview of TV  "Mayerling" 

                               (The Week's Events)  A solemn inaugural and a gay celebration start the second

                                                                       Eisenhower term 

                               (The Week's Events)  New York's  "Mad Bomber"  is caught

                               (Pictorial Essay)  Young society's taskmaster (William de Rham): a stern teacher of

                                                                the highborn drills them in dance and decorum 

                               (Pictorial Essay)  A famous artist of battles (David Fredenthal) covers a movie conflict

                                                                ("The Pride and the Passion")

                               (Article)  Where does psychology go from here? (conclusion of a series) 

                               (Television)  ...a pair of Ferrers revive the episode at Mayerling

                               (Music)  Sitar jam session

                                         Some rough edging. On cover, around Audrey's nose, there is a light stain and

                               scratch marks. Nicely held together. Label on cover.                                                                   $35. 


            June  3  -  (Cover)  Shell of satellite mirrors its makers

                               (The Week's Events)  A record rampage of tornadoes and sudden floods

                               (The Week's Events)  A scientific race against time to launch the first man-made moon

                               (Photographic Essay)  The pleasures and pains of having a kid sister 

                               (Art)  Notable modern buildings

                               (Close-Up)  New-style boss for big business: Ralph J. Cordiner of G.E.

                               (Movies)  An unlikely pair make great match: Monroe and Olivier film a bright comedy 

                                                 ("The Prince and the Showgirl")

                               (Entertainment)  Storm over Sands (Tommy Sands)

                               (Fashion)  McCardell (Claire) style for little girls 

                                         Some nicks and rough edging. Liquid stain on bottom right front cover goes in

                               a couple pages. Middle-most 2 ad pages have seperated from staples but are still

                               together. Label on cover.                                                                                                                   $30.


            Oct.  21  -  (Cover)  U.S. scientists plot orbit (of Sputnik)

                               (The Week's Events)  Russia's satellite, a dazzling new sight in the heavens: the feat

                                                                       that shook the earth (12 pages of Sputnik coverage) 

                               (The Week's Events)  Voices of conscience heard in Little Rock

                               (The Week's Events)  "Mr Sam" (Rayburn)  dedicates his own memorial 

                               (Photographic Essay)  Growing pains of a big country: ambitious Brazil...  

                               (Movies)  Snare for an outlaw in movie, "Across the Bridge"

                               (Close-Up)  Defender for the unpopular: lawyer Edward Bennett Williams

                               (Sports)  Joyous end for beer city's baseball bender as Braves win Series  

                                         Some nicks and minor rough edging. Middle-most 2 ad pages have seperated 

                               from staples but are still together. Label on cover.                                                                       $45.  


1959,   Jan.  5  -  (Cover)  New generation Chinese at anti-U.S. rally

                               (The Week's Events)  The Space Age goes forward with an audible message of peace

                                                                        from the atlas and a monkey's demonstration that man can ride

                                                                        a missle (14 pages)

                               (The Week's Events)  Stopgap news for New York: city misses strike-stopped papers

                               (Photographic Essay)  Red China bid for a future: young and old join in "The Great Leap


                               (Article)  Misery, oppression, fear inside China's communes: two Chinese who escaped

                                                tell of harsh regimentation which tears families apart and even regulates sex

                               (Nightclubs)  Tammy Grimes, a "Kooky" girl, is a sprightly new nightclub chanteuse

                               (Party)  An 80th wedding anniversary in Utah

                                         Some nicks. Back cover and last page have a small edge tear. Label on cover.         $45.


            Jan. 19  -  (Cover)  Castro in triumphant advance to Havanna

                               (The Week's Events)  Political fights, parties - pretty women and pathos: old order

                                                                        yields in the 1959 scene

                               (The Week's Events)  Liberator's triumphal march through an ecstatic island: Castro

                                                                        calls on Cuba to purify itself and prosper

                               (Photographic Essay)  Houses architects live in 

                               (Article)  The wasteful, phony crash dieting craze

                               (Close-Up)  Danish author Isak Dinesen, a tale-weaving sorceress

                               (Theater)  Julie Harris goes on the road...

                               (Movies)  "Ben-Hur" rides a chariot again: M-G-M is spending $14 million to outdo its

                                                  famous Roman epic of 31 years ago 

                               (Television)  This is a television cowboy? Stumblebum hero stars in "Maverick"

                                         One small nick on front cover edge. Very good condition. Label on cover.                    $50. 


            June  8  -  (Cover)  Audrey Hepburn in "The Nun's Story"

                               (The Week's Events)  Aroused citizens strike at Faubus (Arkansas governor) and fire

                                                                        three segregationists from Little Rock school board

                               (The Week's Events)  A fighter for the right is mourned (funeral of John Foster Dulles)

                               (The Week's Events)  Abel and Baker, U.S. heroes (monkeys), come back from space

                               (Pictorial Essay)  Glories of the Mountain West (Rockies)

                               (Article)  Sam Snead to golfers: "Quit all that thinking"

                               (Medicine)  Thin bag of death: plastic coverings may kill 100 children by end of the year

                               (Sports)  Best game ever pitched: Harvey Haddix breaks all records with 12 perfect

                                                 innings - yet loses the game

                               (Sports)  The Indianapolis 500 again proves deadly...

                               (Movies)  A lovely Audrey in religious role ("The Nun's Story")

                                         Some nicks and rough edging. Still has the attached middle insert from Texaco,

                               "History of the American Flag and Touring Historic America".  Label on cover.                      $55.


           June 15  -  (Cover)  America's space travelers: Abel and Baker

                               (The Week's Events)  Abel's dramatic death U.S. advances in march to 
                                                                       space (12 pages)

                               (The Week's Events)  A portrait of Earl Long at peak of crack-up: A (Louisiana) governor

                                                                       goes from harangue to hospital

                               (Article)  Why nobody can save any money

                               (Photographic Essay)  A great American family - the Evanses of Denver

                               (Book)  Paean for a poet by a poet: Paul Engle eulogizes Robert Frost

                               (Movies)  American classic sings anew in fine film of "Porgy and Bess"

                               (Close-Up)  Bonn's busy storm center, West Germany's Economics Minister Ludwig


                               (Theater)  Singer and song writer: new stage star (Carol Burnett) belts out tunes by a 
                                                   new Rodgers (Mary)

                                          A couple nicks and minor rough edging. Front cover corner has a partial fold line. 
                               Label on cover.                                                                                                                                    $45.

               Oct.  5  -  (Cover)  A cornball act down on the farm (Khrushchev in Iowa)

                                (The Week's Events)  Khrushchev and Eisenhower have lusty talks at the end of a lusty


                                (The Week's Events)  Holdup's finale: bank robbery melodrama in Cleveland street

                                (Pictorial Essay)  The Franklin Papers: LIFE presents a fresh portrait of the immortal 
                                                                  Ben... Part 1 of a series

                                (Pictorial Essay)  The durable charms of Joan: Miss Crawford's private and public faces

                                                                 (at 51)

                                (Military Affairs)  "He's got a light!"  The X-15 flies under its own power (piloted by Scott


                                (Fashion)  Brooke Hayward, Margaret Sullivan's daughter, has an individual way with

                                                     the new fall styles

                                (Movies)  Gina Lollobrigida plays the Queen of Sheba ("Solomon and Sheba")

                                (Music)  An old hymn is a pop hit: Julia Ward Howe's "Battle Hymn of the Republic" 
                                                 moves up on best-selling song list

                                          A lot of car ads, including the still attached "1960 Chevrolet Buying Guide" at 
                                 mag's center. Some minor rough edging. A big issue (178 pages). Remnant of mailing

                                 label on cover.                                                                                                                                    $50.  


1960,   Mar.  28  -  (Cover)  Hubert and Jack in Wisconsin (Humphrey and Kennedy)

                                 (The Week's Events)  Ghostly images of a ghastly murder (3 middle-aged women at

                                                                          Starved Rock, Illinois)

                                 (The Week's Events)  Strategic warpath in Wisconsin: Kennedy bandwagon, challenged

                                                                          by Humphrey, heads for first big test

                                 (Editorial)  What to do about Castro

                                 (Pictorial Essay)  The art of Russia that nobody sees: ... young painters who defy the

                                                                   official line...

                                 (Modern Living)  A non belles-lettres fad: teen-agers go M-A-D over stick-on initials

                                 (Medicine)  Drinkable polio vaccine

                                 (Television)  Reading out loud: ... celebraties tell children classic stories of magic,

                                                          mystery and adventure

                                 Ad (pg. 79)  The all-new Champ (pick-up truck) by Studebaker

                                           A couple nicks and some rough edging.  The front cover lays slightly askew. Label

                                 on cover.                                                                                                                                              $45. 


              May  30  -  (Cover)  Powerful military kibitzer (Soviet Defense Minister Malinovsky) flanks

                                                  Khrushchev in Paris

                                 (The Week's Events)  A fist shaken in rage that shook the world: amid summit debris,

                                                                           Khrushchev shouts anti-West tirades...

                                 (Photographic Essay)  The resplendent relics in the Kremlin

                                 (The National Purpose)  Part 2 of LIFE's series: Eloquent Guides to America's National

                                                                                Purpose (Archibald MacLeish and Adlai Stevenson)

                                 (Movies)  The Wilder touch ("The Apartment")

                                 (Sports)  Chris von Saltza, a 16-year-old blond hope, is best U.S. swimming bet for

                                                    women's Olympics

                                 Picture (pg. 35)  Castro and Hemingway together

                                           A few nicks and dents. Label on cover.                                                                              $40.


1961,  Feb.  10  -  (Cover)  Back from space: a confident  "Ham" 

                                (The Week's Events)  Mercury, Samos, Minuteman: a great triple play in U.S. space race

                                (The Week's Events)  The fabulous cruise of the Santa Maria and what happened

                                                                          aboard (12-day siege by Portugese and Spanish rebels)

                                (Photographis Essay)  Jet speed and congestion multiply dangers in crowded air

                                (Photographic Essay)  The Dillinghams of Hawaii

                                (Article)  New Alateen groups help children face up to life with alcoholic parents

                                (Theater)  Phil Silvers stars in Broadway musical  "Do Re Mi",  which is gay, relaxed

                                                     and rowdy 

                                (Movies)  Tearful bride Maria Schell and Glenn Ford co-star in new version of Edna

                                                    Ferber's "Cimarron"

                                (Party)  Leotyne Price makes a thrilling debut in Metropolitan Opera's  "Il Trovatore"

                                                and celebrates success

                                          Nicely held together. The still attached  "Great Books of the Western World"  card 

                                insert inside has somehow caused an imprint of its form to be seen on the front cover.

                                Label on cover.  10.5" x 13 5/8".                                                                                                      $45.


             April   7  -  (Cover)  Salty excitment of ocean fishing

                                (The Week's Events)  A presidential rocking chair starts a new nationwide craze (plus)

                                                                         Rocking through history with noted sitters

                                (The Week's Events)  SEATO talks tougher over Laos but still in polite accents

                                (The Week's Events)  The Mohole: preliminary success in drilling through the earth's


                                (The Week's Events)  Sooner than you think...we could pass the Russians in space by

                                                                          Albert Rosenfeld

                                (Photographic Essay)  The elite of salt water anglers: four masters show their skills

                                (Photographic Essay)  The servant problem: worries of a working mother with her 

                                                                            maids (beginning of a new "LIFE" series)

                                (Article)  Two missionary women strive to teach Aucas (in Ecuador)

                                (Movies)  Bounce and bonanzas by Walt Disney ("The Absent-Minded Professor", "One

                                                   Hundred and One Dalmatians", "The Parent Trap")

                                           A few nicks. Pages 51-60 and 89+90 were cut off-center. Label on cover.

                                 10.5" x 13 5/8".                                                                                                                                  $40.


             April  28  -  (Cover)  Elizabeth Taylor: an Oscar at last    

                                 (The Week's Events)  In Cuba we took a hell of a beating and here's why (10 pages)

                                 (The Week's Events)  A worldwide to-do over the de-sanctified saint, Philomena

                                 (The Week's Events)  The closest look yet at J.F.K. : pictures inside White House

                                                                          show tenseness behind relaxed air

                                 (Editorials)  Three on Castro and Cuba

                                 (LIFE's Garden News)  Cooks and gardeners rediscover the taste and fragrance of

                                                                              fresh herbs

                                 (Nightclubs)  Steve Allen's family frolic: mom is big hit of his first club act

                                 (Movies)  Bittersweet Oscar triumph: Elizabeth Taylor wins belated recognition and

                                                     the film world learns of Gary Cooper's illness

                                            A few nicks. Bottom cover corner has a mild half fold. Label on cover.

                                 10.5" x 13 5/8"                                                                                                                                   $35.


1987,    Fall         -  The Constitution - Special Issue

                                         New and never read. Store bought, so no mailing label.  With minor imperfections; 

                                 Has been flat in a drawer all these years. Still has original subscription inserts.              $40.