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         "Countdown" was a little-known, black and white, monthly publication of the 1980's  that covered the

space shuttle missions in-depth.  Published by Main Stage Publications in Athens, Ohio.  From 24-32

pages.  All issues are in excellent condition.  $19.  each.  Listed by issue date: 


1985,  Dec.   -  Challenger  Mission 22 / Spacelab

                           Atlantis  Mission 23

1986,  Jan.    -  Flight rundowns for 1985 & 1986


                           Columbia  Mission 24

             Feb.   -  Atlantis  Mission 23 / Space Station

                           Challenger  Mission 25

             Mar.   -  The Challenger explosion

             Apr.    -  Chronology of events after Challenger

             May    -  Challenger's debris on view

                            More chronology of events after Challenger

                            John Young's memo

             June  -  Titan & Delta rockets fail

                            A sad Spring for NASA : April's events

                            More debris photos

              July    -  Report of the Presidential Commission on the Challenger accident

              Aug.   -  Rendezvous at  the Space Station

                            Booster redesign

                            Presidential Commission Report, Part 2

                            June chronology

               Sept. -  Destination Mars : An interview with Carl Sagan

                             The Space Station circus

                             Challenger's last words

                             July chronology

                             A report for recovery

                Oct.   -  Successful Delta launch

                             The U.S.S.R.'s foothold in Space with Salyut 6

                             Chronology of August 

                Nov.  -  Atlas lofts NOAA satellite

                             Booster redesign moves forward

                             Salyut 7

                             Chronology of September