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               "American History"  magazine was originally  called  "American History Illustrated".  Here's a collection

 of those past issues which contain, in my opinion, some of the best articles ever written on the subject. 

               I've rated each as to their condition:  Excellent (EX),  Very Good (VG),  Good (G),  or  Fair (F).   I've also

indicated which issues have either mailing or printed labels (L).  Listing is by issue date:


1985,  Feb.   -  Phil Sheridan's Crusade for Yellowstone

                          George Washington's Forgotten People

                          Howard Pyle

                          75 Years of Scouting in America                                                                           (L)     (VG)      ($18.)

            Mar.   -  The Search for Benedict Arnold's Navy

                          Battle on Lake Champlain

                          William Cary

                          Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump                                                                          (L)       (G)      ($17.)

            Apr.    -  The Tragic Romance of Jane McCrea

                          Rebels from West Point

                          Henry Ford's Amazing Time Machine                                                               

                          The First Emigrant Train to California                        (small tear in cover)      (L)       (G)       ($17.)

            May    -  John Smith Before Jamestown

                          Stagecoach Travel in the Old West

                          A Gathering of Stagecoaches (Art Portfolio)

                          John Cleves Symmes Revisited

                          Comet Fever                                                                                                             (L)      (VG)       ($18.)

            Sept.  -  The Hiroshima A-Bomb Mission

                           Lewis & Clark's Fort Clatsop

                           Birth of a Great Magazine ("LIFE")

                           L. Frank Baum : The Wizard Behind Oz                                                              (L)        (G)       ($17.) 

            Oct.    -  Why the British Lost at Saratoga

                          John James Audubon

                          A Young Sailor's Account of the Occupation of Japan

                          A Face in History (Custer Portfolio)                                                                        (L)    (VG)       ($18.) 

            Nov.   -  Women Pilots in World War 2

                          Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving

                          Plimoth Plantation

                          Escape from Libby Prison (Part 1 of 2)                                                                 (L)       (G)       ($17.)

            Dec.   -  E.D.  Nixon : Civil Rights Pioneer

                          John Stobart : Nautical Artist

                          Light on the Farm : Rural Electrification

                          Escape from Libby Prison (Part 2 of 2)       (tear in upper rt. corner & bot.)     (L)       (F)       ($16.)

1986,  Jan.   -  God's Angry Man : John  Brown

                          Billy Mitchell & the Alaska Telegraph

                          Prairie Photographer Solomon D. Butcher

                          Americans at Tripoli                                                                                                  (L)      (G)       ($17.)

            Feb.   -  Ford's Theatre

                          Ford's Theatre : On Stage

                          Illustrator  N.C.  Wyeth

                          1943 Invasion of Tarawa (Pacific)                                                                                   (EX)        ($19.)

            Mar.   -  Texas Sesquicentennial Issue : Texas and the Alamo                                              (VG)        ($18.)

            Apr.    -  Special Issue on the Titanic

                           America's Nazis                                                                                                                 (VG)        ($18.)

            June  -  America 100 Years Ago

                          The Haymarket Bomb

                           Mr. Sears & Mr. Roebuck

                           How the Statue of Liberty was Welcomed in 1886                                           (L)        (G)       ($17.)

            Nov.   -  The Young John Adams

                           The Western Photographs of J.E. Stimson

                           Alvin York

                           Nazi Invasion                                                                                                            (L)        (G)       ($17.)

            Dec.   -  Robert Fulton

                           Norman Rockwell

                           America's Trapp Family

                           Fannie Farmer                                                                                                                      (G)       ($17.)

1987,  Jan.   -  Shay's Rebellion

                          Days of Sail on Puget Sound

                          The Conquest of Sam Houston

                          Orsen Fowler : Pioneer in the Progressive Tradition                                                   (VG)       ($18.)

             Feb.  -  The Plot to Kill Washington

                          Artist-Historian  J.L.G. Ferris

                          Recalling the Life of a Hobo

                          Women Lighthouse Keepers                                                                                           (VG)        ($18.)

             Mar.  -  Benjamin Franklin's Prodigal Son

                          Nellie Bly

                          Steamboats on the Mississippi

                          U.S. Camel Cavalry                                                                                                            (VG)        ($18.)

             Apr.   -  How Men Feel in Battle (Civil War)

                          Frontier  Artist Charles Deas

                          San Francisco Cable Cars

                          Composer Stephen Foster                                                                                               (VG)        ($18.) 

             May   -  Amelia Earhart's Lost Flight

                          Philadelphia : 1787 & 1987

                          Building the Golden Gate Bridge

                          Joyce Kilmer : Soldier and Poet                                                                                        (EX)       ($19.)

      Summer -  Special Issue on the Constitutional Convention                                                           (VG)       ($18.)

            Sept.  -  Jessie Benton Fremont

                           Picturing the Constitution 

                           With Lee at Appomattox

                           Meeting at the McLean House                                                                                          (EX)        ($19.)

            Oct.    -  An American's Attempt to Rescue Lafayette

                          Klondike Scrapbook

                          Santa Rosa Island Stone

                          The Real Elliot Ness                                                                                                           (VG)        ($18.)

            Nov.   -  USS Constitution  Versus  HMS Guerriere

                          USS Constitution Today

                          The Phantom Amendment and the Duchess of Baltimore 

                           Elevator Inventor Elisha Otis                                                                                             (EX)        ($19.)

            Dec.   -  Charles Dickens Visit in 1842

                           Founding the National Geographic Society

                           Disney's Enduring Masterpiece : Snow White

                           Wake Atoll's Forgotten Survivors                                                                                      (EX)        ($19.)

1988,  Jan.   -  Cleveland's Unwelcome Bonanza

                          "Yellow Kid"  Weil   

                          A Letter Home (from the Oregon Trail) 

                          Boxer Rebellion                                                                                                                    (VG)        ($18.)  

             Feb.  -  Surviving the First U-Boat Attack of World War 2

                          Frederick Remington

                          Mason Locke Weems

                          William Lloyd Garrison & the Mob

                          White Tower Hamburgers                                                                                                  (VG)        ($18.)

             Mar.  -  The Great Blizzard of March, 1888   

                          Louisa May Alcott

                          Concord's Literary Heritage

                          The Apollo Launch Tower                                                                                                   (VG)        ($18.)

              Apr.  -  Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr.

                          Washington's First Term

                          Pierre Charles L' Enfant  

                          Samuel F.B. Morse : Artist                                         (sm. cut top of pages)                  (VG)        ($18.)

             May   -  Irving Berlin

                          Vintage Aircraft of World War 2

                          Jeannette Rankin : First Congresswoman

                          The Proving Ground : Mexican War of 1846                                                                    (VG)        ($18.)

      Summer -  A Union Officier at Gettysburg

                          Johnny Weissmuller

                          The Shakers

                          In John Reid's Cow Pasture : Golf

                          Who Invented the Ice Cream Cone?                                                                                 (EX)        ($19.)

            Sept. -  George Eastman

                          Dr. Beaumont's Miracle (1820's)

                          World War 1  Posters

                          Hetty Green : "The Witch of Wall Street"                                                                           (VG)        ($18.)

             Oct.   -  "War of the Worlds"  Broadcast   

                          Those Thrilling Days of  Yesteryear 

                          CSS  "Alabama" : Lost and Found

                          Cruise and Combats of the "Alabama"                                                                            (G)          ($17.)

             Nov.  -  Destiny in Dallas : Nov. 22, 1963 (Part 1)

                          The Disputed Election of 1876

                          "Boss"  Tweed

                          The Gettysburg Address                                                                                                     (VG)         ($18.)

             Dec.  -  USS  Arizona

                           The Story of Nylon

                           Northwest Coast Indian Art

                           John & Priscilla Alden : Pilgrims                                                                                       (G)          ($17.) 

1989,  Jan.   -  Destiny in Dallas (Part 2)

                          The American West in Art

                          Tucker : A Man and His Car

                          The Original  "Big Cheese"                                                                                                 (EX)         ($19.) 

             Feb.  -  William Walker and the Conquest of Nicaragua

                          George Washington's False Teeth

                          The Shenandoah (First home-built rigid airship) 

                          J.F.K.  Murder Theories                                                                                                        (VG)        ($18.)

             Mar.  -  Adams as Vice-President

                          Mr. Lincoln's Springfield

                          North-West Mounted Police Art

                          Great Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889     (4 back bot. pages have rip taped)             (G)           ($16.)

             Apr.   -  Special Issue : 200 Years of the American Presidency                                                (VG)         ($18.)

             May   -  The Johnstown Flood

                          America's First Ladies

                          Samuel Slater

                          Pan American's "Yankee Clippers"                                                                                   (VG)         ($18.)

          S/Oct.  -  Special Issue : 150 Years of Photography in America                                                  (EX)         ($19.) 

           N/Dec.-  George Washington :%